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Nitrogen Purging / Blanketing


Nitrogen ‘purging’ is the replacement of an undesired atmosphere by the inert gas nitrogen. During the commissioning of a process plant, the replacement of air by
purging with 
nitrogen is familiarly known as ‘oxygen freeing’ or ‘start up purging’.
During a turnaround, the replacement of a hydrocarbon atmosphere with nitrogen is familiarly known as ‘degassing’ or ‘shutdown purging’. The two most common
methods of purging are displacement and dilution. After revieuwing the process
system Dena-Oilfield determines which 
method is used best. For simple systems, displacement purging is usually more effective in terms of time and cost but, for more complex systems, dilution purging is used.



Nitrogen Drying

Using nitrogen offers a number of advantages for drying operations. Cryogenic
nitrogen contains only trace quantities of moisture, making it very effective in drying operations (nitrogen gas dew point is between -80°F and -90°F [-62°C and -67°C]). Nitrogen provides an inert atmosphere for long-term preservation once the drying process is completed. This environment reduces oxidation and no purge is required after drying is complete. Nitrogen also provides time savings since it can be used to rapidly pressurize a system.