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Dena-Oilfield Supports Gambia Sports Foundation


We at Dena-Oilfield believe that building a better world Is of up most importance that’s why
we support several Foundations to give something back to the community.

One of these foundations is Gambia Sport foundation. This foundation has its roots in the
Netherlands same as our founder and some of our major shareholders.

By supporting this foundation we hope to increase the value of living for the people of Gambia
and built a better world for all of us. Dena-Oilfield came in contact with the foundations president 

In the beginning of 2014, and seen the good thing that were done in the region by the foundation.
Dena-Oilfield supports good community projects such as these, and hopes for a long prosperous
relationship with the foundation.

Dena-Oilfield thanks Gambia sport foundation for its good work, and hopes we can be a life long
partner in supporting these community projects.