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Helium Leak Testing


Transporting, storing and processing gas and petroleum products safely and efficiently demands that all components be leak tested when they are commissioned and during maintenance. Nitrogen / Helium leak testing is a safe and effective way to help your company meet regulations and safety requirements in the Oil & Gas Industry.


Dena-Oilfield provides leak testing services in shop or on-site for a wide range of customer needs.   We can quickly locate even the smallest leaks in any pressure system, vacuum system or hermetic system. We have experience with helium leak testing across a wide range of industries and applications.

Dena-Oilfield can pressurize pipework or component with a nitrogen / helium mixture.  If there are any leaks, gas will escape through these paths into the atmosphere.  Using a portable leak detector we can sniff test each weld and joint within an assembled component of a pressurized system to check for a leak.