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Pipeline (Pre) Commissioning – Decommissioning

(Pre) Commissioning / Decommissioning / Abandonment


Dena-Oilfield has a large portfolio of services including, but not limited to
the following services:

Pipeline Cleaning Propelling pigs through the pipeline to remove any debris/dirt
Pipeline gauging  To prove the dimensional quality of the diameter of the pipeline
Pipeline Filling (Flooding) Propelling pigs through the pipeline with water or free flooding
Regularly used for smaller pipeline dimensions. 
Hydrotesting Pipeline is pressure tested to a predefined pressure above the
Design / operating pressure of the pipeline
Dewatering  Propelling pigs through the pipeline propelled by a gas to remove
The water prior to start up.
Product Displacement Propelling pigs with either water or gaseous nitrogen to displace
Any hazardous product within the pipeline.

Other services include vacuum drying, pneumatic testing, barrier testing, leak testing, to mention but a few.

With specialized equipment and our trainer staff Dena-Oilfield provide a solution for all your needs.